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Serendipitous Encounters is a collective storytelling space for real encounters with an element of serendipity, synchronicity or just 'out of the ordinary' encounters with humans, animals, nature or the 'supernatural'. Creative pieces,  poems, travelogues, diary entries, ethnographic/autoethnographic narratives, visual stories with captions and more explorative pieces on serendipity/ synchronicity will be considered.

Use this form to comment on any of the stories (your feedback will be posted after moderation) or ask any questions you might have on how your story fits with the submission criteria or on how to pich your story.

To pich your story,  you can use this form below or the form provided on the SUBMIT YOUR STORY PAGE - SerEnc

You can also visit the Facebook page and share your story idea, comment on other stories and post relevant information or other people's stories. 

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