"You will never be completely at home again. Because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people

in more than one place"

                   - Spirit Sience

14 Dec 2017

Kiria (ma’am), do you need a mobile case? I have some very nice ones and very cheap, just five euros for you.” The red long rabbit’s ears iPhone case caught my eye. Why not, I thought, I can make a few people laugh with it.

The street seller had approached our table where I was sitting with my father, enjoying our habitual morning coffee in the town’s Eleutheria Square, looking at the passersby while catching up over the past year’s news. A thin dark skinned man of average height, carrying his merchandise in his arms and hands, the usual fare for street peddlers, was standing in front of us.

We had already been approached by two-three others, the usual scene in the city’s open air cafés. Gyps...

12 Dec 2017

When The Beloved died, I felt all his love for us leave his body and latch on to us, to the home, to me, so strongly that it was like wading in it.

I felt him equally strongly around me for several weeks. I had been told he would leave at some point, soul stuff to attend to.

So, he left, at some point.

Then I went on, vaguely waiting for him to come back.

Several weeks of functioning, with a brain half frozen, of functioning correctly and being repeatedly praised for being strong, but hardly remembering at the end of the day what I had done with my time.

Week one of four weeks of magical moments.

I am sitting in meditation one evening on the veranda, usual spot and time.

Then I felt this presence....

27 Nov 2017

Magic may just be about connecting the dots…

What else but magic would have transported me from suburban Brussels to a tiny desert island in remote Papua New Guinea, presented me with the chance to host an Australian top linguist, and through him, find and follow the path of documenting a non-European language?

It started on a desert island off the north coast of PNG in 1992, but of course it started long before that…

It started when I met an adventurer in Brussels. And I met him through a primary school friend.

And I met that one because I had to change school. Mine didn’t accept boys, and my parents wanted my brother and myself to be in the same school.

So, I moved school when I was grade 6 and...

24 Sep 2017

Act one: A street encounter with manpower

My small apartment on the outskirts of Tokyo was Spartan in its furnishing. All there was, when I moved in, consisted of a traditional Japanese futon bedding, a tiny table with two narrow chairs, and a coffee table in front of a TV set. I subsequently bought an ottoman and a rather interesting, design-wise, small, legless, foldable sofa that added a bit of comfort to my otherwise Zen domestic existence.

I acquired the latter at a nearby second-hand shop I had accidentally come across one day, while wandering around the neighborhood in a reconnoitering mission, and then found myself carrying it through a maze of small winding streets that follow no logi...

12 Aug 2017

October 2006

The sliding doors at Auckland Airport’s international arrivals terminal opened to let me out and into my new life in Aotearoa---an unfamiliar territory, a new country, a fresh start. Pushing my trolley with all my worldly possessions precariously piled up---including a Papua New Guinean tribal mask I insisted in carrying with me, perhaps as guard against all evil spirits---I hesitantly walked towards the waiting crowd, unsure of who was there waiting for me and how to recognize them. My jet-lagged eyes focused blearily on an elderly Asian looking man, holding a bunch of yellow flowers. Their vibrant color helped my eyes to sharply focus, like a laser beam, on my immediate surroun...

13 Jul 2017

Sometimes we are more important in someone else's life than we can imagine.

I thought I was doing my part. After all, I have always been a dedicated teacher and have always cared about the learning process of my students. I normally spare no efforts in keeping them interested in the subject. But, for reasons beyond my control, the students in that particular class, in one of Rio’s many favelas, were not engaging, no matter how much dedication I would put into it. 

I did not think there was much I could do about my student’s emotional struggles, psychological traumas or their poverty related problems. They were many and I was just the teacher. Besides, they were almost adults. What could I do b...

12 Jul 2017

The young man from the reception desk came and sat next to me, quietly and with no apparent purpose. “Would you like to have something to drink madam”, he asked politely after a few minutes of silence.

“Oh, that will be nice”, I answered back graciously, not really in need of tea, having already drunk copious amounts of it in the city’s various shops, tea houses and restaurants during the day.

He brought tea, I thanked him. He regained his sitting position and after two or three sips, he asked me if I would like to have something to drink. I gave him a side look, unsure of what he meant. He had just brought me tea, what other drink could he offer me? “Thank you, tea is just fine”, I answered w...

5 Jul 2017

In Toronto in the 1970s, Colin and I started together in the Architecture school.  He was about 18; I was much older, having attended other various universities for over three years, and finally decided to study architecture. 

Even at 18, Colin seemed rather pensive.  He was friendly enough, but did not talk very much.  He seemed to prefer being in his own thoughts.  I understood he was very good at mathematics, and had already won several distinguished prizes.  From the very first day, we seemed to get along very well.  At the

time, he appeared to appreciate my humour, which I suspect at that time was rather sardonic.  In turn, I appreciated his solitude and meditati...

9 Jun 2017

…echoes of the Sino-Japanese war...    

I stood outside my apartment door staring at it and not very far from crying--jet-lag messes up with your brain, they say. I agree.

I found myself locked out of my apartment the morning after I arrived in Tokyo to take up a lecturing position at a local university. To be more precise, I was locked out not because I had lost my key but because I did not know how to use this damn-weird-swipe-card-of-a-key.

I was terribly jet-lagged, hot and very frustrated. The typhoon season humidity was building up to unbearable levels. Great start, I had thought to myself.

My only connection to a help line was a Japanese phone lent to me by a friend who kept it for...

2 Jun 2017

It was our second spring in paradise, beautiful Korčula in the Adriatic sea. It was like watching a favourite movie for the second time. Maybe I did not experience exactly the same wonder, but I was able to see more and I could understand better of what was going on. The main thing about spring, off course, is new life. Baby animals, fragrant flowers, fresh grass, butterflies. Cuteness and colourful pretty things all around.

New life also means new food. In the case of Lexie and Liesje, our goats, new food was a relatively peaceful affair, even though their systematic hunt for the sweetest, prettiest flowers does seem a bit ruthless.

But that was nothing in comparison to our pet-predators, I m...

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"When you talk to strangers, you're  making beautiful

interruptions into the expected narrative of your

daily life - and theirs"

- Kio Stark

"If we experience a strong emotional response to a

person or a situation we are meeting a part of ourselves residing in the shadows,

awaiting integration"

- C. Page

Every encounter is an un-

expected story of love and transformation.  If we remain 

the same before and after, that

means we haven't loved enough. For any heart  that opens to the sparkles of  love opens in truth

to its own alchemist. Go

and love harder this time.

-Megha Venketasamy

"Serendipity has chance and happiness. We get chance

every single day the minute

that we wake up. Happiness

is something that we choose through the chances that

we decide to take."
— Terry McBride

"You will never be completely

at home again. Because part

of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price

you pay for the richness of l

oving and knowing people

in more than one place"

     - Spirit Science


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